Gilded Crowns “Crown Four”

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I have always heard of gentlemen, but I have seldom come across them in my life. I may have seen them pass me when I was staying in a luxury hotel for the holiday. Or sitting at a table in an expensive restaurant making a deal with another gentleman. When I hint at them, I watch them carefully, impressed with their look, their walk, their hand in their pants’ pocket, their smile, the way they stand proudly. But in my life I have not dealt with them, no, not yet. 

I’ve never met these characters that I used to see in movies, the kind who are intelligent, the kind who keep their mind busy with work, success, completion. The kind who never give up. The kind who never waste a moment with other people’s stories, and the moment they decide to take a break in, they open their computer and start reading…

Instead I have seen many boys whose minds are occupied with trifles and silly things.

I have never met a young man who has intrigued me with his thinking, his outlook on life, or his manner of respectful treatment of others. Many say that these types of men have never existed in reality. But from my point of view, they do exist and somehow a young version of them is reading what I’m writing now. Perhaps this young gentleman is reading this while he is on his break that does not last more than nine minutes, and as long as his break finishes, he will close this page and go back to whatever he is studying to build up himself.

If you are reading what I wrote now, please do not be like others. The world needs successful, persistent young men, who believe that nothing is impossible. Please keep working for your last breath, this is what will make you the center of everyone’s attention, and this will draw the scrutiny of everyone around you to you.

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“I regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place at the University of …” That’s when a new dream that took nearly a year, waking up everyday with, thinking of, planning on making it happen got destroyed.

You know? It took me so long to dream about something else, to collect the wreckage that was left of me and build my new self out of it. This new dream was born after years of pain, of frustration, of sadness, of brokenness, of wounds that have not healed yet. And today, March 18th, 2022, this new dream was shattered in a five-line letter. Just that easy.

It’s really easy to type down a letter and with one click send it to thousands of applicants, telling them that you are sorry. Your sorry doesn’t mean anything when their hearts start breaking, your sorry doesn’t fix what you ruined, your sorry doesn’t heal their wounds. Your sorry doesn’t turn back the chances they lost because of them wanting you, only you. Your sorry doesn’t bring back the time they lost working on doing their best to send you that six page essay. Your sorry will never make them forget what you made them feel the moment they received your letter.

You said, “Be createful” but you tore up all my creations, without even blinking…

I wanted you, because everyone said that you are different. You don’t look at what is shown. You search deep into each applicant, see how they do, find the hidden thing in them where the others don’t. But what I saw today was that you were like the others with no difference. Maybe you were worse, you didn’t even tell the reason. You just threw that five-line letter in front of my face asking me to continue my path with the same energy, encouraging me to continue working on my future plans.

You were a huge disappointment to me. You opened my old wounds that I worked years on healing. My wounds never went away, but in the moment that I walked into you, you were like a pain reliever to me. I said in my heart, maybe you’ll make up everything, maybe you will be the one who is going to draw a smile on my face again. But I forgot that heartbreaks come from the things we get the most attached to.

You thanked me because I considered you. Well, I thank you for telling me that you are not as perfect and honest as I thought.

Scenes Part One

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That Cursed Day

Note: this play goes back to the year of 2012, Syria.

(Next to the house door, a washing machine and a laundry basket on top of it. On the right of the stage there were two bedrooms next to each other, and to the left is the big bedroom, and a bathroom beside it, while in the middle was the kitchen with a small four person dining table. The dinner was ready on the table, and the room’s doors were all closed. Then Sally in her 16 age goes out from the bathroom carrying a white shirt in her hands, running quickly towards the washing machine, she squats putting her white shirt inside the washing machine and making sure no one sees, then while she stands up putting the washing liquid her 18 years older brother Saleem shows up from behind her grabbing out that white shirt out from the washing machine.)

Saleem: What’s that Sally?

Sally: Nothing important!

Saleem: Nothing important huh… if you can’t see there is blood on it! Can you explain what that is?

Sally: I told you it’s not important, don’t be so insistent! (Tries to go to her bedroom, but saleem grabs her left arm strongly, and she moans).

Saleem: What’s wrong with your arm? Show it to me (Raises her sweaters sleeve)

Sally: Saleem stop, there is nothing, you just hurted me, that’s all.

Saleem: (Starts screaming) Stop lying, I asked you what is this blood on the shirt?

Sally: (Tries to put her hands on her brother’s mouth) Don’t scream, my mom will hear you!

Sallem: Then tell me what is going on so I can stop.

Sally: (Grabbed Saleem’s arm taking him to her bedroom, and closed the door half shot) First you have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone!

Sallem: Are you involved in any of what I think?

(Sally breathes hardly then shakes her head in the meaning of yes)

Sallem: (Steps back for a while looking at his sister, then gets closer) Show me your arm, now.

Sally: (Raises up her sleeve and a big white bandage covering her entire arm) It’s not what you’re thinking, it wasn’t my fault, I was standing there with Talya when the car exploded, Reem was inside it.

Saleem: I told you a thousand times to stay away from Reem but you didn’t hear me.

Sally: Saleem, you know that she is my childhood’s friend.

Saleem: But she chose to be one of them.

Sally: You’re talking about her like you’re not! I saw the gun in your drawer, so don’t blame her, she is dead now, and to be much clearer she has been killed. The car was having all her friends, when she got in and closed the car’s door, the car exploded!

Saleem: (Looked at the white shirt) How about you? Your shirt? Your arm?

Sally: Me and Talya were getting out of school as usual, then we saw Reem, we followed her silently and stood behind a wall when we saw her getting in her friend’s car, and when the car exploded, we went closer to see how did that happen, but suddenly a police man showed up from behind us and said, “You two, who are you?” We didn’t turn our faces back at all so he wouldn’t see us.

Saleem: And then?

Sally: He pulled out his gun and pulled the trigger and said, “You two, don’t move and turn back slowly.”

Saleem: Then?

Sally: At that moment I knew that I had two choices, either give up and show him my face, or run without looking back, and in both ways I would be dead, but if I would be lucky enough, I would survive in the second choice and he might miss shooting me. (Closed her eyes) I told Talya to run without looking back, and that’s when he shot my arm. While I was running I wrapped my arm and made sure that the blood was not falling on the ground.

Sallem: How did you survive? They won’t let you go.

Sally: We both went together. And on a forked road, each one of us ran in a different direction, and he chose to follow me. Talya survived but I…

Sallem: But you?!

Sally: (Sighted) I ran first, but then I hid, I stopped taking my breath so he wouldn’t catch me, I thought he wouldn’t, but he did.

Saleem: Why did you stop? Continue Sally. Did he hurt you? Did he do anything to you? What happened?

Sally: I killed him.

Sallem: (Started breathing hard, and stepped back) How?

Sally: (Her tears started falling) He put the gun on my head, and said, “Don’t move.” He grabbed my shoten arm, walking me slowly from where I was hiding, then made me stop walking, and told me to turn around, but I didn’t. Then he said in a harsh scary voice, “I said turn around.” But I didn’t. Then he grabbed my shoten arm, strongly making me turn. I closed my eyes.

Saleem: He saw your face, no Sally no!

Sally: I hit him in his sensitive area, so he dropped the gun. I tried to take the gun, but he pushed me, so I fell. Then he bent over to take it, but I kicked him with all of my strength and took the gun, and shot him.

Sallem: (Sarcastically) He died from one shot?! (Anxcioused) They absolutely saved him, and he knows your face, he will tell them and they…

Sally: (Interrupted Saleem) I shot him nine shots.

Sallem: What? Nine?!

Sally: I had no other choice, they don’t die, they all don’t die. You kill them once they live a hundred times. (In confidence) I got closer and made sure that he was not breathing.

Sallem: (Mocks) Oh perfect, now you made me feel better. How about his body? And your blood? Your fingerprints? Your shoes? All of that? (He looked at Sally, while she was not answering) Sally?

Sally: I left him there. But.. but I cleaned up my fingerprints from his gun, and I made sure that my arm was not bleeding. And for my shoes I took it off when I went out of that place, and kept it inside my backpack. I will burn it tomorrow (Starts crying) But I didn’t know what to do with his body… Where to bury it… The whole ground is paved, I can’t dig it… And the graveyard is too far away from there… And I don’t have a car to carry his body in… And even if I would grab him… I can’t do that in the middle of the day, while all eyes are open.

Sallem: (Put his hands on his forehead) Where is his body?

Sally: Do you remember that place where we used to play hide and seek with Talya, Tamer, Shady, Shery, and Shareef, when we were kids? It was surrounded with low walls and had swings and a long slide. We used to play there a lot.

Sallem: (Smiled a sad smile) I know it.

Sally: His body is laying there. Beside the slide.

Saleem: (Got closer and kissed Sally on her forehead) If anything happened, don’t tell mom and dad about anything, okay?!

Sally: (Looked at Saleem) Where are you going?

Saleem: Promise me that you won’t make them catch you. Keep the gun that you saw in my drawer with you, but don’t use it. But if you got in a situation that any of these dirty men would touch a single strand of your hair, at that moment you’re allowed to use it. Deal?

Sally: (Shook her head in the meaning of yes, then she hugged Saleem) I’m sorry.

Saleem: don’t be sorry for protecting yourself. Plus, I’m not an easy brother, I’ll be okay, and come back taking your mixed songs CD that Talya gave you. (He smiled at his sister, then opened up the house door, leaving.)

(The light fades out, and the scene shifts. Salleem reaches that place, while he’s wearing plastic bags in his shoes and black gloves in his hands. He started looking all around, beside that long slide, between the swings. He looked closer at the ground for blood or anything, but there was nothing at all, like nothing had happened. Then he notices something under one of the swings flashing, he grabs it and it’s Sally’s necklace. And suddenly someone from behind hit him strongly on the back of his neck with a heavy wooden stick.)

Flying Bird “Destination One”

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Istanbul “the city of love”

When I mentioned once to one of my friends that I was living in Istanbul, he immediately said, “The city of love!” When I heard him saying this, I smiled and told him, “Yes.”

I remember the first time I went there, alone in the airplane. I can’t describe how happy I was, when I arrived, and got in the car, looking from the window at every side, so I don’t miss any view. It was huge, beautiful, and filled with so many people, that each one has a totally different story than the other.

When you talk about Istanbul, remember that you’re also talking about a huge civilization thousands of years ago, about people who lived with traditions that have persisted since ancient times, and about love stories that have always been like fiction and still are to this day.

Some people think that if they went there once or twice that they know everything about it, but you want me to tell you a secret? If you didn’t live, love and become friends with the Turkish people that live there, then you know nothing about neither Istanbul, nor Turkey.

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Hope Potion “Potion Four”

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The place where magic is possible, real, beautiful, good and bad. That school has always been a place of strange feelings to me; mysterious and terrifying, beautiful, and fun at the same time. Hogwarts was the only school that I wished that I could belong to one day. The archeological building, the elegant uniforms, the genius students, and the professional professors were the first things that caught my attention in this school since I was young. That school that was full of confidence, steadfastness, and strength where fear is just a word.

I used to see Hermione as my favorite girl character. The way she used to speak, to show her intelligence, to be the first person in class to raise her hand to answer a question that no one knew the answer to, was making me deeply love her character day after day. And because her character affected me so much, I started to see myself like her.

The boy character that I loved so much was Draco. I know this is crazy, loving an evil character, but I really was so upset that Harry didn’t become friends with him from the beginning when he introduced himself. I know that Draco was making fun of Ron, but I don’t know, maybe if later they all became friends things would’ve changed. I mean many friendships started with fights and sometimes hate. I felt really sad for Drako because maybe without the presence of his dad he could’ve been a good person, maybe!

What made me really like the Harry Potter series after the school’s building and the student’s uniforms was the magic. In this series, I believed that magic exists, that the flying car, the moving tree, the dancing stairs, the talking pictures, and the mirror reflecting what’s inside us are all real.

I reached a stage in my life that makes me believe that if I got in trouble one day, something magical would happen to save me. I know of course that this won’t happen in reality, but deep in my heart, inside there, there is always something saying that magic exists. Even till now, after all these years!

It was the one that saved Harry from that cruel family that he was living with; the one that made Hermione go back in time to stop something bad from happening in the present; and the one that made Ron drive a moving car as a child under his legal age. It was the one that made me believe that one day I’d fly on a magic wand to travel anywhere I want. I’ll be honest, I’ve always wished I had friends like Harry and Ron; friends that I would grow with, share every second in my life with.

Hogwarts, made me hate summer break, and eagerly wait for winter to come, so I could go back to school hoping to wake up on a morning where my Hogwarts uniform is hanged over the clothes hanger, waiting for me to wear, and my friends Harry and Ron are sitting there on the table welcoming, smiling at me while entering!

Harry Potter is the only childish thing that grew up with me and will always be deep inside me forever. Harry Potter made me believe that crazy things could happen if we just believed deeply in them.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @HPSTUFFS / @xeniya.pu / unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @HPSTUFFS / unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @HPSTUFFS / unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @MovieGrafMG / @wizardngworldtr / @sihirbakanii / @swiftkjn / @MahsaRosnie / @wannamovie / @harrypotterfilm.

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Hope Potion “Potion Three”

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“Every adventure requires a first step.”

Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland

There’s that very dark path that has a light at the end of it. And you’re standing here, seeing that light, but feeling too afraid to take your first step. You may be standing in your place asking yourself, “What should I do? Should I go till the end and close my eyes without seeing anything, or should I open them seeing what is going to happen. Or should I stay where I am right now waiting forever?”

You may choose to close your eyes and run as fast as you can to get to the light! I would’ve taken this choice if I was younger, but now, I will take the second choice; opening my eyes, seeing the whole journey, with its bad and good paths, I may fall, and if my eyes were closed I will fall again, again and again and never learn from my mistakes, but if my eyes were opened I may fall once, maybe twice, but then learn to be more careful.

Life is that path, that deep dark path, and that light is your goal, you don’t know what you will live or go through, but while on your way to get to your goal your eyes need to be open to see and learn from your mistakes, you can fall once twice maybe more but when you stand you will stand stronger than you were before.

Life needs warriors not pacifists, keep this in your mind.

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Hope Potion “Potion Two”

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Most of us grew up with cartoons, Walt Disney, DreamWorks stories. We all had that wonderful, big imagination that was filled with a lot of dreams, hopes, and future plans.

But when we grew up, we had those wonderful dreams disappear, gone, crashed, and we got to a point that dreams cannot be real. Maybe that could be true sometimes, but I want you to listen to me and keep this in your mind that no matter what happens, no one ever will have the permission to stand in front of your dreams, hopes, even if these dreams are impossible, you are the only one who can make these dreams possible. Don’t be weak and make them destroy you or break you down. People are jealous of you because you’re different, you’re a dreamer, and a dreamer person is filled with light, hopes and colorful smiles, while normal ones are just dim.

Keep that light shining in you, please don’t let anyone break you down. Please.

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Hope Potion “Potion One”

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“You’ve made this day a special day by just being you. There’s no person in the whole world like you, and I like you just the way you are.”

Mr. Rogers

I’m not going to write so much here, because this post has enough doses of hope. But I’ll just tell you what I’ve been telling myself when I was younger, and when my school friends were not my friends, I used to say some words to myself  that I want you to take, keep saying them to yourself whenever you feel bad, “Keep calm. Be strong. Always smile. Live your life. Dream and don’t be afraid and say dreams are not real, close your eyes and do all you can to make your dreams come true. And never ever give up no matter what happens. Be yourself.”

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