Cameras Flash Part Five

Our same lecture came. Each one of us sat on their own chairs, we both were looking silently at each other, then we dropped that light smile. After half an hour I was following up, writing down what the professor was explaining, then I saw you staring, putting your left hand under your chin, drenched as if you were in another world.

I looked behind me, everyone was looking at the professor, I looked again at you, and saw you staring deeply at me. I turned away my eyes, looking again at the professor trying to write down, but then, I looked again at you. You fixed your head straight towards me. I looked for a while at you, then turned my eyes away and worked on never looking at you till the end of the lecture.

When the lecture ended, I found you taking your bag, coming towards me, I grabbed my stuff as fast as I could and left the lecture from the upped door of the hall. I started running away from you, I hid behind a wall, then saw you running looking everywhere, but you couldn’t find me.

Then I pulled up my car keys, missing my last two lectures, and went back home.

Taken from a Turkish series called “Kuzgun” means “The Raven”

Has two seasons. Started in February 13th, 2019. Ended in October 16th, 2019.

Actor: Barış Arduç.

Actress: Burcu Biricik.

Also taken from the same serie,

Actor: Ahmet Varlı.

Actress: Burcu Biricik.

Taken from a Turkish series called “Kiraz Mevsimi” means “Cherry Season”

Has two seasons. Started in July 4th, 2014. Ended in November 28th, 2015.

Actor: Serkan Çayoğlu.

Actress: Özge Gürel.

Taken from a Turkish series called “Kara Sevda” means “Endless Love”

Has two seasons. Started in October 14th, 2015. Ended in June 21st, 2017.

Actor: Burak Özçivit.

Actress: Neslihan Atagül.

Taken from an English movie called “Love, Rosie”

Released in October 22nd, 2014.

Actor: Sam Claflin.

Actress: Lily Collins.

Taken from an English movie called “Me Before You”

Released in May 23rd, 2016.

Actor: Sam Claflin.

Actress: Emilia Clarke.

Taken from and American movie called “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”

Released in August 17th, 2018.

Actor: Noah Centineo.

Actress: Lana Condor.

Taken from an American movie called “The Kissing Booth”

Released in May 11th, 2018.

Actor: Jacob Elordi.

Actress: Joey King.

Taken from a film series called “Harry Potter”

Has eight parts. Released in 2001 – 2011.

Actor: Rupert Grint.

Actress: Emma Watson.

Taken from an American series called “Riverdale”

Has five seasons till now. Started in January 26th, 2017 – now.

Actor: Cole Sprouse.

Actress: Lili Reinhart.

Taken from an American series called “American Horror Story”

Has nine seasons till now. Started in October 5th, 2011 – now.

Actor: Evan Peters.

Actress: Taissa Farmiga.

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