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Cameras Flash Part Five

Our same lecture came. Each one of us sat on their own chairs, we both were looking silently at each other, then we dropped that light smile. After half an hour I was following up, writing down what the professor was explaining, then I saw you staring, putting your left hand under your chin, drenched […]

Cameras Flash Part Four

Next day we saw each other there. We felt like we needed to ask each other, maybe how we were, maybe what our plans would’ve been for that day. And maybe if we could’ve gone again together, running again from life for a few hours. We both knew that each one of us wanted to […]

Cameras Flash Part Three

We started wearing our sleep pajamas, spraying our light mist over us, putting our heads over our pillows, keeping our eyes open, looking at the moon light, thinking of what happened on that tough day. Then we started asking deep inside; “Are we that much bad? Were we so rude and mean today? Was our […]

Cameras Flash Part Two

I know that it wasn’t real and it was just an hour, maybe two, or maybe three, but these few hours will always be the best hours in my entire life. We were together, spending time, taking the break we needed from life, sitting and crying over our favorite character that died at the end […]

Cameras Flash Part One

That day our last lecture ended, we both were angry over that horrible day. We went back home and our faces were inexplicable. Each one of us took a warm bath and wore their clean clothes. Then you called me up, offering me to come with you to the cinema to watch the new movie […]

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