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It all starts with the first step, the first page of the new book, the first month of the year, the first day when that person comes to life, the first moment when we start speaking the first word.

I don’t know if I like the beginnings, or not, but I feel sometimes they are more beautiful than the ends. But at the same time there is that feeling, when we open up the new book, and start our new school with different people in a completely different place, it’s not one of the lovable feelings, I admit.

I remember when I left once I was a kid. When I was saying goodbye to my friend, I was so happy because I had that feeling that I will be going to a whole better place, filled with that type of the best people in the world, but in fact none from what I expected happened.

Sometimes, when we look at ourselves before, we say how foolish we were, that we believed this or trusted that. How ridiculous we were when we thought that better things were going to happen. How we waited for something we knew that it was impossible to happen.

I don’t know what I’m feeling right now while writing this, but I know one thing, that even after all these years, I’m still having that childish fool feeling that when I move to a different place I’ll find the place that I’ve been looking for, and I’ll be with the people that I’ve always wished to be with.

And no matter how old I will be, I will still believe in this, because I know that this foolish childish dream will happen and become true one day.

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Cute, small, innocent creatures that can hear your quiet crying in the middle of the night, and come rubbing their hair with your arm and purring. These creatures can’t speak like us, but they feel more than anyone else, feel us when no one does, show us their love without even speaking a word.

I still remember when I used to go back home from school, opening the house door then seeing her meowing while running towards me, rubbing her hair with my leg. She used to stay up late with me while studying for my next day exam, sitting on the bed at 12 AM watching me while memorizing my lesson, then falling asleep.

When she used to wait for me to come and sit on my small brown table and start writing in my notebook, then, moves sitting next to me watching. When she used to meow outside my bedroom waiting for me to open the door for her so she stays with me.

When she used to sleep on my pillow, putting her head up above my head then purring each morning inside my ear to wake me up. She used to stay with me when I’m sick, and each time my mom takes her away, she comes back laying down beside me again and again. She used to do things that nobody ever did to me, she used to care when no one else did.

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I still remember my childhood’s bedroom, it had two beds on top of each other. I used to sleep in the bottom bed, but whenever I get into a fight with my parents, I go to sleep in my upper bed that used to be full of teddy bears and lie in the middle between them, looking at the bright ceiling of my room until I fall asleep with my face near one of the teddy bears. I don’t know how I felt in those days but I miss this bed so much now.

Now, when I get into a fight with my parents or anyone else, I go to my room, where there is a small dressing room; that’s where I sit, I don’t know for how long, but I can’t fall asleep inside it like I used to doze off on my childhood’s bed. Teddy bears are not surrounding me, I can’t put my face on one of them’s soft belly. I’m just on my own resting my head on a rack of hard shelves.

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Right now you may be stressed out, want to take a break and run away from this weird world, from all of these unbelievable people who can’t understand you, or your feelings. These weird people, they might be normal but you are the weird one, they feel like you’re different, you’re not like them, you’re strange.

Then you look at them saying, “I don’t belong to this city, or this country. I don’t belong here, I don’t belong to this world. I can’t fit in, and I will never. I’m not like them, and they’re not like me. I really need to leave, go away, run as fast as I can, to that wonderful world that really looks like me.”

That innocent, beautiful, peaceful world, where I’m back to my childhood in, where my imagination was bigger than all of this real world. When I used to dream, I used to laugh as much as I could. Where there were no problems, no fights, no war, no nothing.

Where there was no worries, but only getting smurfberries in the smurfs’ village, or getting so much dinars in the family farm. Or win in the playstation car race, or convince my parents to buy me that hamster amusement park. Where I used to be carrying about my teddy bears to be covered in a winter cold night.

Where I used to worry a lot about getting high grades in my quizzes and exams so my parents made me have a wonderful birthday party. Or be so polite with them so they give me a new Disney movie CD to watch.

When my only wish was to see snow falling in winter so I go like an idiot and start forming a ball and throw it on my dad. When I used to act so innocently in front of my mom so she could give me permission to eat in the neighborhood with my friend that hot cheesy pie.

When we were kids we used to say “I wish to grow up.” And now all we wish is going Back kids again!

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