Phantom Nights “Night Six”

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You’ve met him, known him, gotten so close to him. You went to different places with him, walked together, laughed so hard together, ate different things together, listened to the same songs together, and without any music around, you both used to dance like idiots together.

You used to walk with him under the moonlight, sitting on a rock on the top of a hill, putting your head on his shoulder, wearing his clean jacket while the weather used to be cold. You used to sit behind him, refusing to hug him while driving his fancy motorcycle, leaving your hair open so it flies while he drives.

You used to find him calling you at midnight, waiting for you to get into his car so he could put his stress away when he spends time with you. He used to take you to his favorite lonely place, eating ice cream with you, telling you about who ruined his whole day. You shared a lot of beautiful memories together, even played car crash games working hard on hitting each other’s cars like kids.

You used to be so happy whenever he came smiling saying good morning to you every day. You used to act like you needed something on some nights so he comes with you to not leave you walking alone in the empty streets. You used to smile so hard whenever you caught him standing, fixing his hair on the mirror, spraying his strong perfume, preparing himself to go out with you.

You used to wait for him when he used to be late. Your day used to be so upset when he never came. You used to miss him a lot, and maybe right now you are missing him. But you know deep inside that it was a short life phase that will end one day, will pass away, leaving only those beautiful memories that you will always remember and smile.

Every song you listen to, you remember him. Every place you go to, you see him there. These memories will always stick to you like how you stick to the things that are in your purse.

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“If someone left your life, be sure that someone is about to arrive”

“Some people will leave you, but that is not the end of the story but the end of their role in your story!”

“Then what you wanted comes to you when you don’t want it anymore :)”

“There’s a weird moment in someone’s life, they don’t know how to explain it or even understand its secret ever, but this moment makes everything new in their coming life.”

“Is there anyone missing us? Maybe looking at the photos.. Looking in the places from the memory smell. Crying.. Smiling..”

“Even with all of the interior scratches that are in you, you’re still smiling, consoling, asking, caring, doing more and more for them, carrying about everyone’s feelings, being careful all the time to not make anyone notice what is exactly going on inside you. Do you still believe that you’re a normal person?”

“No one know that small moments that your soul died in.. and no one knows when did it back or how.. and no one knows why you’re smiling while you’re alone.. so stay strong just for yourself”

“Your need to be alone means, that you have a speech no one can understand”

“Things that go without you, don’t you dare and stand in front of them, don’t even make the slightest effort on getting back the things that chose not to come to you”

“When someone loses their expectations of someone they really wanted.. no one can give them back their reassurance about anything”

“Not everyone looking at you means they mean you, maybe they can see through you things from the past that are similar to you”

“I won’t tell you that I need you and won’t be honest with you, you won’t see me in pain anymore, we won’t ever fight, I will be so quiet to the way that makes you feel that I’m not existed, I’m trying to stay beside you in anyway, but you don’t understand it in the right way.. I was fighting for you until I found myself killed”

“I wanted to stay with you for always, but you leave me and never feel me, you ignore me and never hear me, you want to stay but you don’t tell me, you love me but you never talk to me, you want me but you never come to me”

“I still write about you although you’re no longer closest to my heart, but you’re the only one who touched it”

“I love your speech but don’t speak to you. Do you know what my contradiction is? I make myself forgot about you but mean you in my writings, I miss you but never let myself admitting it, I love your speech but don’t speak to you”

“The hardest type of waiting: To wait for someone you know won’t come.. Or wait for a call from someone you’re pretty sure they won’t call.. And even though you know the result, you are always still waiting.. Looking from your home’s window hoping them to come, looking at your phone’s screen hoping them to call”

“Hope you were nothing.. Hope I never saw you.. Hope days never made me know you”

“Most of the times admitting your love to someone, is a type of a suicide types”

“Hiding the longing is suffocation”

“It’s a very bad feeling when you stop talking to someone you daily got used to talk to”

“I know you’re getting my messages and it hurts me that you don’t care”

“What if we were two hands in a watch?! I meet you and hug you, then stand counting seconds to meet you again after sixty seconds separation”

“There are some people when you meet them you feel like you’ve met yourself”

“My heart stands in everything and falls for you”

“Life narrows me, but your laughter widens me”

“He was the only person that I don’t make up excuses with, don’t pretend my happiness, don’t write my words, don’t feel bored, and don’t count minutes to run away from”

“Since you started talking to me for the first time, and I wanted to say can you stay forever”

“I was always honest, I didn’t make up any of those words that I used to tell you spontaneously, everything came out of my mouth, I felt it in my chest.”

“I don’t care to be the first page.. but to be the section that you remember the whole book for.”

“I needed a hug that puts out all this fire inside me to something that pushes the chaos off my shoulders”

“From one night to another I wait for something that will never happen to happen”

“There is a captivating army of old weariness in my body”

“Lots of waiting destroys desire”

“I live the night alone in my dark bedroom and my mind never stops thinking”

“God I’m trying so please don’t leave my hand.”

“A day will come and change all the maps of my life… A day will come”

“Perhaps the one who left you, created an opportunity for a thousand people who would like to buy your laugh”

“In fact, everything we write is a small part of what is inside us. We don’t write the entire story, so that no one knows who we are.”

“It is a bitter thing, for a person to yearn for what he will never achieve.”

“Breaking the perfume bottle makes you smell it strongly. But for the last time..”

“Then he comes back alone as if he never had never been with anyone”

“Nothing bothered me, as did my thoughts.”

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Phantom Nights “Night Five”

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Oturuyordun, yüzün pek çok iyi görünmüyordu. O sana uzaktan sessizce bakıyordu, tek kelime etmeden seni anladı, sonra sordu, “Neyin var?” Diye. “Yok bişey” dedin. Yüzünü çevirdin konuyu kapatmak için, ama o kapatamadı. “İyi değilsin” dedi. Ona hiçbir şey söylemeden baktın. “Belli işte” dedi. Sonra sen bir gülümsedin, “Gerçekten yok bişey, sorduğun için teşekkür ederim.” Dedin. Sormaya devam etmedi, sadece oturup, sana bakıyordu.

Sonra bir gün ortalıklarda yoktun, seni aramaya başladı, bir tek o, senin yokluğunu fark etti. O günde senin tek başına kalmaya çok ihtiyacın vardı. Sonra o senin uzakta oturduğunu ve ağladığını fark etti. Birkaç dakika sonra, portakal suyu ile yanına gelip, “Keyfin biraz değişir diye sana yaptım, sevdiğini biliyorum.” Dedi. Bardağa baktın, çok güzeldi, kenarında ince bir portakal parçası vardı. Sonra gözlerin gözyaşlarıyla doluyken bir baktın ona, gülümsüyordu.

Sen tek bir kelime etmeden, teşekkür ederim beni hissettiğin için diye der gibi geldi ona, o da sana bakıp, gülümseyip, rica ederim der gibi dedi sana, sonra gitti. Arkasından bir baktın; hayatında seni o kadar anlayan, seni o kadar hissedden, hiç ısrar etmeyen, tanıştığın ilk kişiydi. İçinde hayır, lütfen gitme, yanımda kalmanı istiyorum diyen birşey vardı. Ama yüksek sesle söyleyemedin, ve yine bu anı yaşarsan eğer, yine söyleyemeyeceksin.

Belki öylesi iyidir, hiçbir şey demeden, hiçbir şey belli etmeden, hiçbir şey açıklamadan ve hiçbir şey anlatmadan, sakince, sessizce, başlamadan bitirmektir.

You were sitting, your face was not looking good. He was looking at you from a distance, without saying any word he understood you, then he asked, “What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing.” You answered. Then you turned your face to close the conversation, but he did not. “You’re not okay!” He said. You looked at him without saying a word. “It’s clear.” He continued. Then you smiled saying, “There’s nothing, really, thank you for asking.” He didn’t insist, he just sat, looking at you all the time.

Then one day, you were not around, he started looking for you, only him, who realized your disappearance. On that day you needed to stay alone. Then he realized you from afar, sitting and crying. Few minutes later, he came to you with an orange juice glass, “I made it for you to change your mood, I know you like it.” You looked at the glass, it was so nice, there was a thin piece of orange on the edge of it. Then with your tears filled eyes you looked at him. He was smiling at you.

You didn’t say a word. It seemed to him like you said thank you for feeling me, and he looked smiling at you like you’re welcome, then he left. You looked behind him; in your entire life he was the first person who understood you, who felt you, who never insisted. Deep inside you there was something saying, no, please don’t go, I want you to stay by my side. But you couldn’t say it out loud, and if you went through this moment again, you won’t say it also.

Maybe it was good like this, without saying anything, without showing anything, without explaining anything and without telling anything, it calmly, quietly, ended without even starting.

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“Someone entered your mind… you changed.”

“Someone entered your mind, you changed.”

“There’s someone, their existence makes you forget all people around you”

“If you love, in my opinion go speak then…”

“I can’t imagine your smiling speech..”

Good night

“My heart saw your heart and liked it”

“From the first time I met you, I wanted to talk to you at night till 4 AM.”

“As you are in my heart, I’m ready to face everything.”

“Believe me, you’re different from everyone.”

“I turned my back to everyone, but you can hug me.”

“No matter how many years pass. let me hear your voice, see your face, I will fall in love with you like the first time.”

“A very sudden rain, in empty streets, you and I..”

“You were the one I looked and laughed, please understand it”

“You’re much beautiful than the Piano you’re sitting in front of”

“For example, I want something, putting my hands under my chin, watching you. For hours, for days, even for years.”

“I’m sitting, eating with the most sexy girl and I’m feeling terrible. Because five meters away there was Julie. My Julie was sitting with Edi. What was she laughing at? How is it possible to sit there, laugh and be that much beautiful.”

“I love how you stay in my mind while everyone is leaving.”

“Would you hug me, if you saw me now at the beginning of the street?”

“You’re here, then all around me it’s spring now.”

“You are the most beautiful memory that won’t be old inside me..”

“Don’t be sad my sweetheart, you looked, miracles have happened.”

“I want you to know that those who love with their hearts, cannot forget with their minds.”

“I can’t do anything, I love you.”

“Ohh, hope they can see how much I’m holding on to you..”

“I love you so much, I have no reason. Just because you. I love you because it’s you.”

“I can’t promise you a rose garden, but give me your hand and I’m okay with all the thrones.”

“My soul flows to her like rivers flow to the sea”

“The moon needs the night, and the night is in love with it…”

“You’re everywhere, but inside me the most.”

“She doesn’t have to be with you, she’s too much already in you.”

“The most beautiful feeling in the world… That a guy with a nice perfume smell comes and sits behind you in a public bus. I want time to stop at this moment.”


“One person was enough for another person in any way.”

“Even if not touched or not seen, some are included in the heart without any reason”

“I need a hug, always your hug, only you”

“Because everything worth loving is actually gathered in you.”

“I love you, don’t forget this. And love is not enough to meet, also this one.”

“.. hug me. Hug me so I count all the days that I cried till this age as I lived them..”

“You don’t know, maybe if we hugged each other, we would never be cold.”

“You can’t hide sentences inside your pockets..”

“With time, a human starts looking like the one they loved.”

“I can’t send you a message saying I love you, but I can listen to a song that reminds me of you till the morning.””

“Even in the places that I’m running away from myself I’m looking for you.”

“You’re saying that that door is closed, but you kid, are keep looking through the hole..”

The little prince said: “but eyes are blind. Human needs to look with his heart..”

“If I were to be in two places at the same time, I would’ve been beside you right now.”

Chapter 100. I need you to say “I’m with you” when nothing is going well.

“I made it because you like it.” There is no such beautiful sentence pattern like this. He learned what you like and worked hard for you.

“A person can jump out of the window that she opened to take a breath..”

Phantom Nights “Night Four”

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Belki gerçekte olmaz, belki hiç olmayacak, ama eminim ki hayallerimde olur.

Sen ordaydın, uzaktan bakıyordun, sınıfın köşesinde oturuyordun. Ben ilk koltukta oturup, profesörün açıklamasını dinliyordum. Bilmiyorum ne oldu ama ani bir şekilde arkama baktım, ve sen bana öyle bir bakıyordun ki, gerçekten o anda bana ne olduğunu bilemedim. Bişey hissettim öyle bir duyguydu ki, 12 yıl önce yaşadığım his gibi.

Senin yüzünü bir yerden tanıyormuşum gibi, ama çıkaramıyordum. Sende bir şey varmış gibiydi, sen de sanki beni birisine benzetiyordun ama emin değildin. Günler geçiyordu ve biz sessizce birbirimize bakıyorduk, bişey söylemek istiyormuşuz gibi ama her seferde vazgeçiyorduk.

Ama bir gün başım ağrıyordu, çok ağrıyordu. baş ağrısı haplarım da yoktu, bu yüzden hava almak için dışarıya çıktım. Başımı yukarıya kaldırıp, gözlerimi kapatarak derin bir nefes aldım, sonra gözlerimi açtım, ve bir anda önümde pamuk şeker gördüm. Aniden pamuk şeker sola doğru hareket etti, ve yüzünü ilk defa yakından gördüm.

“On iki yıl önce başın o kadar ağrıyordu ki, o gün baş ağrısı için hapların yoktu, sonra sana pamuk şeker aldım sakinleşirsin diye.” Dedi bana gülümseyerek. O anda hiç farketmeden gözlerim yaşlarla dolmaya başladı, senin yüzün, gülümsemen, bakışın, hepsi aynı, geri döndüğüne hiç inanamadım, hayal gibiydi. Gülümsedim, sonra alçak sesle, “Eğlence parkında?” Dedim, sen de başını hareket ettirdin evet anlamında, “Koç Bassam ile.” Dedin.

Öyle duyunca kalbimden güldüm sensin diye, sonra hiç düşünmeden sarıldım sana, sen de böyle durup şaşırdın bir an, sonra öyle bir sıktın ki, senin kokun o kadar güzeldi ki, o anın bitmesini hiç istemedim. Gelişin hayatımda başıma gelen en güzel şeydi. Sonra ikimiz o pamuk şekeri yedik. Ha bu arada onu yedikten sonra baş ağrım geçti.

Maybe not in reality, maybe never, but I’m sure it will happen in my dreams.

You were there, looking from afar, sitting in the corner of the classroom. I was sitting in the first seat listening to the professor’s explanation. I don’t know what happened, but I suddenly looked back, and you were looking at me so much that I really didn’t know what was happening to me at that moment. I felt something, it was such a feeling, like the feeling I had 12 years ago.

It was like I knew your face from somewhere, but I couldn’t figure it out. It seemed like there was something about you, and you were like seeing me looking like someone, but you weren’t sure. The days were passing and we were silently looking at each other, as if we wanted to say something but giving up every time.

But one day I had a headache, it was very painful. I didn’t have any headache pills either, so I went outside to get some fresh air. Lifting my head up, closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, then opening my eyes, and suddenly I saw cotton candy in front of me. Then the cotton candy moved to the left, and I saw your face, close for the first time.

“Twelve years ago you had such a strong headache, you didn’t have headache pills that day, then I bought you cotton candy to calm you down.” He said, smiling at me. At that moment, without realizing it, my eyes started to fill with tears. Your face, your smile, your look, all are the same, I could not believe that you were back, it was like a dream. I smiled, then said in a low voice, “At the amusement park?” You moved your head in the meaning of yes, and said, “With coach Bassam.”

When I heard that, I laughed from the depth of my heart because it was you, then I hugged you without thinking, you stood in a surprised way for a moment, then you squeezed me so hard that I was able to drown deep in your smell. It was so good that I never wanted that moment to end. Your presence in my life was the best thing that ever happened to me. Then we both ate that cotton candy. Oh, by the way, after I ate it, my headache went away.

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“If you have a problem, let us solve it”

“Music; the only place we can run to…”

“Look how much do I care”

“I’m in the wrong city.”

“Until where?”

“Don’t you ever look back. If Cinderella went back to take her shoes, she could’ve never become a princess.”

-Marilyn Monroe

“Be like Galata. Sometimes no one sees you. It’s okay. Even if you’re not seen, stand upright. Same like Galata.”

“Don’t give up. Miracles are on their way.”

“Everything will be beautiful, isn’t it..”

“Sometimes coincidences are strong and beautiful enough to make human believe that everything is possible”

“Everything has a reason, wait…”

Phantom Nights “Night Three”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown.

Your day was so tough, everyone was rude to you, and you just looked through the window hoping this horrible day would end so you go back home. Then when it’s your time to leave, you open your locker to grab all of your stuff, and find a small note that says, “You did not seem good today, are you okay?”

You look around wondering, who was it, how did he feel about you, and why does he care if you are okay or not. You go back home keeping this note beside your bed. Each time you think of crying, you look at that note and smile.

The next day comes, and the following day, and no one is around you, that mysterious person did not show up at all. And one day you leave home crying so hard, then suddenly you get a message on your phone saying, “Do you want to talk to someone?” you wipe your tears and start looking at the streets, but you fail to find him.

You want to say yes, but at the same time you have no idea who is him. The next day you find just a cute white rose on your desk with a small note that says, “Good morning.” Before seeing it, your whole mood was tense, annoyed from the same people that you will also face this day, but suddenly an unbelievable smile started showing up on your face.

Deep inside you, you want to know who this decent person is, but at the same time, another side of you says no, keep it like this, I don’t want to know you, I don’t want to know how or why, I don’t want to know any reason and anything, I want you to stay like this, just like this, because I don’t want you to change from someone very close, to someone as far from my heart as the rest.

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Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Pictures Credits: unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Pictures Credits: @tamaraclaren / unknown.

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Phantom Nights “Night Two”

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I remember when I lost my points on my college year project. I was feeling so bad, leaving the hall and tears were filling my whole eyes, falling all around my cheeks. I stood looking at the town, how high buildings were filled with lights, while the light cold breeze was touching my face softly. I was crying because I knew that this was a big hit on all my college final scores. Then I heard someone from behind, coming closer. I wiped my tears with my hands. He stood beside me, putting his hands inside his pockets and said, “This time you’re crying too! Is the reason too because of your parents who came for only half an hour to see you?” I suddenly looked at him, then he continued, “You know… mine didn’t come to see me this time either!” I stared at him for a while, and said “The camp!” “We’re all kids’ camp.” He continued. “Fourth grade.” I said “Fifth grade.” He said. I immediately smiled and hugged him so hard, his perfume smell was so beautiful. He half opened his mouth, surprised by my reaction, then hugged me so hard saying, “You didn’t forget.” “I tried to call you after I left the camp on the number you gave me, but they told me it was the wrong number!” I said while hugging him. “Because it was the wrong number.” He said while hugging me, then we both laughed, and started looking at each other, my eyes were so red. “You’re still looking the same but cuter!” He said. “Well you became taller I guess.” I said. He smiled. “I’ll grab you some coffee, to make you feel better.” I smiled with my eyes that were filled with tears, shaking my head (yes).

Few minutes later, I was carrying the coffee cup in my both hands, sitting on the rock looking at the town from up. He was looking at me, “I’m sorry.” He said. I looked at him asking, “For what?” “For not calling you all these years long.” “Even if you called, I wouldn’t answer!” I said. We stayed looking at the town for a while, then I looked at him and asked, “What did you mean when you said that your parents didn’t come to see you this time too?” “Well, they both were busy with their own work today, and I told them before a month that my graduation is today. And I stayed the whole day long hoping they would come to see me graduating, holding my diploma, but here I am alone again with no one.” Then he looked at me and he was about to cry. I didn’t know what to say, I remember when we were kids, I was sitting on the chair while all the camp kids were dancing. I was so upset that my parents came for half an hour only and left. He came to me asking why I was looking upset, so I told him about my parents. Then he said, “Well you’re lucky because they came for half an hour while my parents didn’t even come to ask about me.” He wasn’t crying at all, instead he grabbed my hand so we could dance with the other kids. I remember how nice and decent he was.

“Do you wanna dance?” I asked him after I stopped remembering. “Now? With coffee?!” He said. I stood up and took his coffee cup, then played a song on my car radio, then smiled at him and told him, “come on!” He smiled. “Few seconds ago you were crying, If you remember.” He said. I came closer to him, “So what? Do you want me to go back and cry? I can do that if you want to” He looked at my eyes saying, “Don’t” Then I smiled and grabbed his hand. He smiled. Then we danced without thinking about anything. That day was the most depressing and the happiest day in my entire life.

I don’t know where you are now, or what you’re doing, I don’t know if you would read this one day, or not, but all I hope is that you are fine, happy and doing all your best in whatever major you’re majoring in. Thank you for the beautiful childhood memory you left alive in my heart until now.

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Phantom Nights “Night One”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown.

He told you that he will be waiting for you at midnight and gave you the chance to choose, either running away with him to a place no one knows, or staying in your bedroom beside your window staring at three am to the empty streets.

You are that type who chooses their mind and not their heart, but something deep inside you was telling you to go, to run, to stay with him for hours, looking at him driving the car with its windows down, with that loud music mounting sound.

And without thinking, you find yourself coming to him at midnight, seeing him standing in front of his fancy opened car, wearing that heavy and decent perfume, the way he is standing in, his clothes, his clean shoes, his washed hair, putting his hands in his pockets, looking at you, smiling like “I knew you will come.”

You get into the car, with your cute dress, while you are deep inside smiling, but trying so hard to hide it. Then he puts on your favorite song, and drives you, taking you away for hours, running with you away from everything. You put your arms up on that opened window, looking at the empty streets, while air flies down your hair.

Deep inside, you know that these few hours are going to end, and as soon as you wake up next morning you’ll find yourself back again to your lonely bedroom window, back to your wise mind, and never telling him that you love him, whenever he calls you.

But still, last night’s driving hours will always be stuck in your mind, even if your mind tries to ignore them, your heart will remind you.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Pictures Credits: @OURGIRLONFIRE / @evaxchris / @Paul Nigam / @philophobiaa / @dhembshuri / @wetheflyest_ / @cocainevinyl / unknown.

Taken from a Turkish series called “Aşk 101” means “Love 101”

Taken from an American movie called “Titanic”

Taken from a French movie called “Pierrot Le Fou (1965)” means “Pierrot the madman (1965)”

Taken from an American movie called “A walk to remember”

Taken from an American movie called “The Notebook”

Taken from an American movie called “Crazy, Stupid, Love”

Taken from a movie called “It Happened One Night (1934)”

Taken from a French movie called “Le Petit Soldat (1963)” means “The Little Solider (1963)”

Taken from a movie called “They Drive By Night (1940)”

Taken from a movie called “The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer (1947)”

Taken from a movie called “Notorious (1946)”

Taken from a movie called “Only Angels Have Wings (1939)”

Taken from a movie called “People Will Talk (1951)”

Taken from a movie called “Charades (1963)”

Taken from a movie called “Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961)”

Taken from a movie called “Grease (1978)”

Taken from a movie called “One Day”

Taken from a Turkish series called “İçerde” means “Insider”

Taken from an American movie series called “The Hunger Games”

For the rest of the photos; I unfortunately couldn’t figure out what movie they were. I’ll work on figuring out.

For phantom nights “night two”, please visit this link Phantom Nights