Cats Wallpapers

Cute, small, innocent creatures that can hear your quiet crying in the middle of the night, and come rubbing their hair with your arm and purring. These creatures can’t speak like us, but they feel more than anyone else, feel us when no one does, show us their love without even speaking a word.

I still remember when I used to go back home from school, opening the house door then seeing her meowing while running towards me, rubbing her hair with my leg. She used to stay up late with me while studying for my next day exam, sitting on the bed at 12 AM watching me while memorizing my lesson, then falling asleep.

When she used to wait for me to come and sit on my small brown table and start writing in my notebook, then, moves sitting next to me watching. When she used to meow outside my bedroom waiting for me to open the door for her so she stays with me.

When she used to sleep on my pillow, putting her head up above my head then purring each morning inside my ear to wake me up. She used to stay with me while I’m sick, and each time my mom takes her away, she comes back laying down beside me again and again. She used to do things that nobody ever did to me, she used to care while no one else did.

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