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Crown Part Four

“Asla arkana bakma. Cinderella, ayakkabısını almak için dönseydi, prenses olamazdı” Means, “Don’t you ever look back. If Cinderella went back to take her shoes, she could’ve never become a princess.” What passed has passed, and what is gone is gone. Focus on your goal, on your new plans, on building your new self, on your […]

Crown Part Three

“Don’t let your crown fall with their expectations.” One of the most wonderful sentences that I’ve read on Pinterest. You, deep inside, have a very beautiful heart, believe me, they don’t deserve to carry it and break it down. Only you are the one who can break your own heart, keep your heart to yourself. […]

Crown Part Two

Some place may not be empty, it may be very crowded but you feel like empty, quiet, maybe broken, maybe depressed, or maybe having a wound that won’t heal easily; so you think what I actually think of, escaping, running from everyone, staying in a completely different place than you are in now. So you […]

Crown Part One

Heart and mind both are linked together. Our heart won’t work without an order of our mind to make it work. And if we think about it, love ends, time passes, people die, and moments disappear, what stays, is what you left behind. That slap, that emotionless slap that life slaps us at some place […]

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