Film Appreciation Chapter Seven MJS 1310 Quiz Answers

Film Appreciation Chapter Seven (ACTING)

1. The most revealing indicator that separates the “old” from the “new” Hollywood for actors is the freedom to choose roles and negotiate earnings. (True)

2. Movie actors have the additional burden over stage actors of having to create _________ between related shots. (continuity)

3. Traditionally movie sets have been closed to most visitors except the media. (False)

4. The use of computer-generated technology to replace actors is one side effect of our current fascination with virtual reality. (True)

5. For many movie actors, what is the real key to their careers? (persona)

6. Our interest in a movie is almost always sparked by the actors featured in it. (True)

7. Over what aspect of filmmaking do directors have the least precise control? (Acting)

8. The people on the screen in the very first movies were ordinary people cast in extraordinary roles. (False)

9. Experienced screen actors know that the essential relationship is between them and whom? (The lens)

10. Framing and composition can neither bring actors together nor keep them apart in a shot. (False)

11. Who said, “If you can think it, you can make the audience know it…. On stage it’s mannerisms. On the screen, your range is shown in your eyes”? (Frank Capra)

12. The greatest challenge to acting that early movie actors faced was the conversion from silent to sound production. (True)

13. A “movie star” actor is really two people: the actor and the character(s) he or she has played. (True)

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