Gilded Crowns “Crown Four”

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I have always heard of gentlemen, but I have seldom come across them in my life. I may have seen them pass me when I was staying in a luxury hotel for the holiday. Or sitting at a table in an expensive restaurant making a deal with another gentleman. When I hint at them, I watch them carefully, impressed with their look, their walk, their hand in their pants’ pocket, their smile, the way they stand proudly. But in my life I have not dealt with them, no, not yet. 

I’ve never met these characters that I used to see in movies, the kind who are intelligent, the kind who keep their mind busy with work, success, completion. The kind who never give up. The kind who never waste a moment with other people’s stories, and the moment they decide to take a break in, they open their computer and start reading…

Instead I have seen many boys whose minds are occupied with trifles and silly things.

I have never met a young man who has intrigued me with his thinking, his outlook on life, or his manner of respectful treatment of others. Many say that these types of men have never existed in reality. But from my point of view, they do exist and somehow a young version of them is reading what I’m writing now. Perhaps this young gentleman is reading this while he is on his break that does not last more than nine minutes, and as long as his break finishes, he will close this page and go back to whatever he is studying to build up himself.

If you are reading what I wrote now, please do not be like others. The world needs successful, persistent young men, who believe that nothing is impossible. Please keep working for your last breath, this is what will make you the center of everyone’s attention, and this will draw the scrutiny of everyone around you to you.

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