Gilded Crowns “Crown One”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown.

Heart and mind both are linked together. Our heart won’t work without an order of our mind to make it work. And if we think about it, love ends, time passes, people die, and moments disappear. What stays, is what you left behind.

That slap, that emotionless slap that life slaps us at some place in our life trip, the slap that makes us a completely different person, and which is the reason why we are here now, it gave us the lesson that we really needed to wake up and realize all that is around us.

It made us look at ourselves in the mirror and realize that that pure innocent, white hearted child is gone, and all we see is that strong, emotionless, heartless, hard, cruel, and maybe evil person that we never imagined to be.

People may tell you, “You’ve changed, you’re not like before.” Actually, we all changed, we all broke our hearts once, twice and maybe more. We all got teared into pieces from people we loved, from people we thought were right but we were wrong. We dreamed so high but we fell deep down.

And all of this may lead us to a conclusion, that people who listen to their hearts lose, but who listen to their minds win. We can’t ignore all of our feelings, but when the people that we gave them our heart, didn’t take care of it and broke it, then believe me they don’t deserve any other chance.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
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