Gilded Crowns “Crown Three”

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You, deep inside, have a very beautiful heart, believe me, they don’t deserve to carry it and break it down. Only you are the one who can break your own heart, keep your heart to yourself.

No one deserves your tears, no one deserves even to see them. You may cry, it’s fine, but don’t show them, don’t make them use this against you one day. Crying is not a bad thing, it’s good to make ourselves better, but some sick people may take advantage of this one day, don’t give them a chance to do so.

Do you know why you cry? Because you’re that kind, sweet, lovely and soft person who has deep, pure feelings. You cry because this bad world is so strong on you, and you really can’t bear its badness.

Whoever you are, and you are reading this right now, I will tell you something, you’re a good person, you may become bad at some point but it’s okay you’re a human not an angel. You’re beautiful and you will always stay beautiful, don’t say you’re ugly, the ugly ones are those outside, who take hearts and break them down when people trust them.

I want you to stop thinking about the past, because the past will never come back and no matter what you tried to do, you can’t change anything in it. And believe me, if there was even one chance to change what happened in the past, I would be the first one to change a thing from the things that I did. But, there’s no chance with changing the past, but there’s a chance with making the future.

So stand up, work hard, to die leaving a thing that will always be remembered behind you. To make people who lost you, wishing you back to their life again. If you put it in your mind you can do it, money, age, face, shape won’t affect if your mind decided to make it happen.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
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Pictures are taken from: Instagram.
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