Girly Wallpapers

Pink, violet, purple, these are the colors that every girl used to love when she was a kid, even our parents used to use pink for girls, and blue for boys.

I don’t actually hate this idea because the pink color is pretty nice, and it actually describes girls, those cute creatures. Each time I see this color in, I remember my pure, innocent, and peaceful childhood, and actually, I miss it very much.

When I was that small girl, I used to love the pictures of those cute cartoon girls, at that time I didn’t know their names. But when I grew up, nearly in my teenage life, I figured out that they’re called “Enakei”.

What made me feel so happy was that they were actually Korean, and I used to love the Korean drama very much, especially in my teenage hood, and my favorite TV show that I still smile every time I listen to its songs is “Boys Over Flowers.”

Also, one of the things that I hope to learn is the Korean language, just to understand the lyrics of those wonderful TV shows songs!

Here, some of the “Enakei” pictures,

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