Hope Potion “Potion Four”

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The place where magic is possible, real, beautiful, good and bad. That school has always been a place of strange feelings to me; mysterious and terrifying, beautiful, and fun at the same time. Hogwarts was the only school that I wished that I could belong to one day. The archeological building, the elegant uniforms, the genius students, and the professional professors were the first things that caught my attention in this school since I was young. That school that was full of confidence, steadfastness, and strength where fear is just a word.

I used to see Hermione as my favorite girl character. The way she used to speak, to show her intelligence, to be the first person in class to raise her hand to answer a question that no one knew the answer to, was making me deeply love her character day after day. And because her character affected me so much, I started to see myself like her.

The boy character that I loved so much was Draco. I know this is crazy, loving an evil character, but I really was so upset that Harry didn’t become friends with him from the beginning when he introduced himself. I know that Draco was making fun of Ron, but I don’t know, maybe if later they all became friends things would’ve changed. I mean many friendships started with fights and sometimes hate. I felt really sad for Drako because maybe without the presence of his dad he could’ve been a good person, maybe!

What made me really like the Harry Potter series after the school’s building and the student’s uniforms was the magic. In this series, I believed that magic exists, that the flying car, the moving tree, the dancing stairs, the talking pictures, and the mirror reflecting what’s inside us are all real.

I reached a stage in my life that makes me believe that if I got in trouble one day, something magical would happen to save me. I know of course that this won’t happen in reality, but deep in my heart, inside there, there is always something saying that magic exists. Even till now, after all these years!

It was the one that saved Harry from that cruel family that he was living with; the one that made Hermione go back in time to stop something bad from happening in the present; and the one that made Ron drive a moving car as a child under his legal age. It was the one that made me believe that one day I’d fly on a magic wand to travel anywhere I want. I’ll be honest, I’ve always wished I had friends like Harry and Ron; friends that I would grow with, share every second in my life with.

Hogwarts, made me hate summer break, and eagerly wait for winter to come, so I could go back to school hoping to wake up on a morning where my Hogwarts uniform is hanged over the clothes hanger, waiting for me to wear, and my friends Harry and Ron are sitting there on the table welcoming, smiling at me while entering!

Harry Potter is the only childish thing that grew up with me and will always be deep inside me forever. Harry Potter made me believe that crazy things could happen if we just believed deeply in them.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @HPSTUFFS / @xeniya.pu / unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @HPSTUFFS / unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @HPSTUFFS / unknown.

Pictures are taken from: Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest.
Credits: @MovieGrafMG / @wizardngworldtr / @sihirbakanii / @swiftkjn / @MahsaRosnie / @wannamovie / @harrypotterfilm.

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