The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: @studiomanufaktora.

Right now you may be stressed out, want to take a break and run away from this weird world, from all of these unbelievable people who can’t understand you, or your feelings. These weird people, they might be normal but you are the weird one, they feel like you’re different, you’re not like them, you’re strange.

Then you look at them saying, “I don’t belong to this city, or this country. I don’t belong here, I don’t belong to this world. I can’t fit in, and I will never. I’m not like them, and they’re not like me. I really need to leave, go away, run as fast as I can, to that wonderful world that really looks like me.”

That innocent, beautiful, peaceful world, where I’m back to my childhood in, where my imagination was bigger than all of this real world. When I used to dream, I used to laugh as much as I could. Where there were no problems, no fights, no war, no nothing.

Where there was no worries, but only getting smurfberries in the smurfs’ village, or getting so much dinars in the family farm. Or win in the playstation car race, or convince my parents to buy me that hamster amusement park. Where I used to be carrying about my teddy bears to be covered in a winter cold night.

Where I used to worry a lot about getting high grades in my quizzes and exams so my parents made me have a wonderful birthday party. Or be so polite with them so they give me a new Disney movie CD to watch.

When my only wish was to see snow falling in winter so I go like an idiot and start forming a ball and throw it on my dad. When I used to act so innocently in front of my mom so she could give me permission to eat in the neighborhood with my friend that hot cheesy pie.

When we were kids we used to say “I wish to grow up.” And now all we wish is going Back kids again!

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credits: @studiomanufaktora / @LOST7 / unknown.

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