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The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: Ay Yapım.
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Series and movies always take a big place in our daily life; most of the time they make us influenced by the characters and the difficult or happy events that they experienced or went through. And sometimes we love the characters and become so attached to them that we begin to imagine ourselves as the one who’s performing the role. And oftentimes it ends up with us believing that the main character is us, and if they did something we don’t agree with, we start to feel bad, angry, and sometimes we cry saying why did they do that? I wasn’t expecting this to happen! They let me down. You disappointed me so much.

And after that, we come back to our real life, and start searching for the writer, the director, and even for the actor who was performing the character we loved. Some of us may continue watching the episodes, some may leave it, and some may not be even involved in anything; they’re just watching a series because of the main role, or because of the director who has nice works, or because of the writer who writes good novels. People are different from each other, but for me, I’m that type who gets so much into the story and when the movie or series ends, I have to admit it, I get stuck in that world for a couple days!

Here I decided to share the first Turkish series that I have been watching since it started till now! And when we talk about a Turkish series, this means a two and a half hour for each episode, which means a very very long time, especially when it has more than one season.

This Turkish series is called “Çukur” which means “The Pit”. It started on October 23rd, 2017. It has four seasons; the first season has 33 episodes. The second season has 34 episodes. The third season has 25 episodes, it should’ve been longer, but due to COVID-19 they ended it early. The fourth season ended on June 7th, 2021.

Now, moving to the story of this series; it’s an action, thriller, and crime. It’s talking about a place in Turkey called the pit, and this place is run by a mafia family called Koçovals.

I’m not going to explain more than this because if I did, I may ruin some ideas for the one who did not watch it yet. And to be honest when I decided to watch this series, I didn’t even know these few words that I wrote! I simply found my friends and teachers in school talking about this series and saying names that I had no idea about, so later when the second season was showing, I took a choice of watching it, and finished the first season, I think in three weeks, and was more than amazing!

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
Pictures Credits: @cukurdizi / @ayyapim / @showtv / unknown.
Resimler Pinterest, Instagramdan alınmıştır.
Resimler Kredi: @cukurdizi / @ayyapim / @showtv / bilinmeyen.

Here are some of the photos for the main characters,

Actor: Aras Bulut İynemli.

Actress: Dilan çiçek deniz.

Actor: Erkan Kolçak Köstendil.

Actress: Boncuk Yılmaz.

This is the main photo of this series,

And here is the main sign that indicates the pit,


This sign has a big meaning, if you see someone carrying it, or having it as a tattoo on their hand or their neck, this means that they are from the pit.

It says,

The first “<” at the top means the roof; this means when you go through a problem and you knock the pit people’s door for help, they won’t let you down, and their house will be your house; this house roof will be your house roof.

The first point “·” means your home family; your mom, your dad, your sister, you need to protect them as you protect your eyes. They are the most important thing in your life.

The second point “·” means your outer family; your friends; they are ready to sacrifice their lives for you, and you too do the same for them.

The third point “·” means your big family; the Koçovals, the ones who protect the whole pit, they protect you and never leave you hungry, and you have to love and respect them.

The last “<” at the bottom means the pit by itself; your home, everyone has a home and as you enter this pit, then this is your home.

Now talking about the graffiti; the sentences that you see written on the pit walls. Some of them are actually carrying a deep message for us as viewers. And other times, they explain the feelings of some of the characters while they’re going through a tough time.

Here are some that I really liked,

“Believe what you have a need for.”

“If you didn’t go, we would’ve drink chocolate milk :)”

“Forget about the oxygen, your breath is enough to keep me alive.”

“I’m slowly burning for you but we’re in no hurry.”

“Let me stay by your side.”

“I cannot overcome some difficulties, would it be possible if I came to you?”

“If it’s up to me, stay with me.”

“Let’s talk once in a while.”

“Worry about me. I may not be okay.”

“I was talking with her from the depth of me.”

“You laughed, look where the subject got to.”

“You laughed in that way that made the subject change.”

“We are beautiful, all the others are ugly.”

“When the eye meets an eye, will it make the star spark?”

“The pit is small, the love is big.”

“Come let us be night with the daylight, come let us build a nest in the pit.”

“Since it wasn’t going to happen, why did it seem like it was happening?”

“It didn’t seem like it was happening. It didn’t happen already.”

“If only we’d read the script before we were born.”

“If the past still hurts, this means it didn’t pass.”

“There was excitement, but was it only us who didn’t live it?”

“While not happening, we forced. While forcing it didn’t happen.”

“We had a future to come. It didn’t come.”

“Isn’t there any beautiful lie to believe?”

“Well, those things don’t work like that.”

“Even destiny doesn’t laugh anymore.”

“If destiny doesn’t make you laugh, it means you didn’t understand the joke.”

“It wasn’t enough from our pockets. We gave from our youth.”

“Let our beautiful dreams rest in peace.”

“Uncle, put my dreams in a trash bag, don’t let anyone see them.”

“Even dreams became a dream.”

“Dreams looked like a bursting crack.”

“It is good like this.”

“My loved ones have always left traces I don’t like.”

“They always upset me from places I never expected.”

“Everyone who has opened their heart lost.”

“I don’t regret the mistakes I made, my only regret is the right things I did for the wrong people.”

“I cared, and thought maybe it was worth it.”

“I’m looking for myself, did anyone see it?”

“Bodies lost in causes.”

“This is not my first death.”

“I haven’t been able to fly for some dreams.”

“Everyone is asleep, why are we awake?”

“I had a change, why did you waste yourself?”

It’s kind of a Turkish proverb, meaning like if I knew you were cheap then I could’ve exchanged you, and you didn’t have to sell yourself.

“You’re my pit, even though I know, I jumped.”

“You’re like the pit honey, I fell once and couldn’t escape out anymore.”

“There was something, like there was nothing.”

“My mind is coming out of me, and she’s still not getting out of it.”

“There are still some places we didn’t laugh in together.”

“Because you and I didn’t drink tea in front of the pit, this made me blaze on fire.”

“We loved; I wish it just ended with this.”

“We have loved beautifully, but they hurt us horrifically.”

“Thought you loved me, but my feelings didn’t reach the depth of me.”

“I became one in my world but I still couldn’t be in yours.”

“Everyone kills their love.”

“If you’re going to be with two faces, at least make a good one.”

“No need to explain!”

“I won’t die before getting my revenge.”

“You made us bad.”

“I’m down a little but I’ll make it.”

“The best thing is to throw it inside ourselves.”

“Whatever, we will throw it inside us again.”

“We should not do too much.”

“The logic died, the living thing is madness.”

“I don’t get wise, you go crazy.”

“Whatever, everyone got crazy, we’re not getting attention anymore.”

“Have we gone crazy for nothing?”

“I came from space, I’m tired.”

“We got a little crazy.”

“We go crazy but never go back.”

“We ate our minds, and are still scraping off the bottom.”

“Life is blue, same like oranges.”

It’s like my mind is different. So orange is blue because I want to see it blue!

“Don’t fall, dream!”

“Even though you become a hero in every novel, you get tired the most in your own story.”

“Don’t be sad because it ended, be happy because it’s been lived.”

“We don’t remember the days, we remember the moments.”

“Every yesterday is an old tomorrow.”

“Life is short, your smile is so beautiful.”

“We just need to smile a little bit.”

“Laughing will suit us someday.”

“Smile, you’re in the pit.”

“Happiness is in the pit, the pit is in your cheeks.”

“Have you ever drank tea in the pit?”

“Cowards are halfway, braves are in the pit.”

“We were alone, but we weren’t wrong.”

“Come, let me teach you how to play with fire.”

“Skip everything but don’t ignore us.”

“If you come then come. If you don’t, who cares.”

“The rest? Let those who left behind think of it.”

“Troubles will pass, rest your back.”

“Don’t push, I’ll go by myself.”

“Don’t draw me a heart, pour me some tea!”

“We’re running out, but we’ll come.”

“Maybe nothing went right, but nothing got me out of my way.”

“I don’t leave here, without wonder I’m a compass.”

“Don’t live your life in a draft, you may not have time to clean it.”

“It’s clear what happened to someone, but it’s not clear at all what will happen to whom.”

“Don’t lose yourself to win someone.”

“Don’t get used to anyone.”

“Sadness is our father’s job.”

“What did the poet say? If nothing comes, morning comes.”

“We missed the end of the rope again.”

“Yes, we lost.”

“There is a pit between the corner of your lip and your cheek… Let them bury me there.”

“We’re not beside a man, we are beside an idol.”

“Vartolu always finds a way.”

“If there is no problem, then there is a problem.”

“Family is everything.”

“Where the family is, there is the home.”

“The homeland is the family, and the family is everything. Sorry for our loss.”

The meaning of it is, the pit people count their homeland as a family, and count the family as everything they own, and because in this tv show everyone lost their own family, so they lost everything in this life.

“We turned off the lights, anyone who wants to find us should burn themselves.”

“We need new enemies, the old ones became our fans.”

“My coming back will be amazing.”

“This silence is not a good sign.”

“Why didn’t the rich ones tell us when they were getting rich?”

“Don’t look for the enemy outside, the enemy is inside our house.”

“You won’t even get a chance to look back as you run away.”

“What made you laugh yesterday, can kill you today.”

“A ghost is wandering around the pit.”

In the meaning of because of the much pain that the person went through, he became like a ghost, just wandering around without doing anything.

“My window opens to pain, not happiness.”

“If I planted trees instead of stitching up my wounds, the world would’ve become a forest.”

“I don’t have a branch to hold on to anymore, they cut them all.”

“How will you know what I’m going through?”

“Some lies are really nice to believe.”

“May god make you fall into someone and fall into the pit.”

“If Monday is beautiful, you are the reason.”

“I loved you, and loved the way of loving you.”

“When I look at you I feel like I’m home.”

“Your laugh turns the balance of the city upside down. You laugh, and I will rebuild the city.”

“Beautiful things take time.”

If you make it till the end, then this series must have grabbed your attention. I’ll leave you the link of the playlist that I made on my youtube channel for the whole episode. I unfortunately don’t have it translated because the videos I put, are already from the original “Çukur” channel.

Here is the youtube link

Hope you enjoy it!

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