Night Story Part Fourteen

The picture is taken from: Pinterest gif; Credit: @antipsychotics.

The cute girl woke up, her annoying college friend was calling her. She pulled up the phone and declined the call, then she threw the phone away angrily and went to the bathroom, looking at herself at the mirror, saying, “I was looking so pretty this time and he was so close, we didn’t catch up to dance and he couldn’t promise he’d see me again, and I didn’t know his name so I can ask about him the next time.” She opened the tap to wash her face then said, “I’m not okay, I’m not okay at all today.”

The cute girl wore her clothes, then her piano music alarm played on her phone, she stopped it, feeling so upset. She picked up her mini cooper car keys and left her house, going to her college. Anyway, her annoying friend wasn’t there, but she didn’t call her back because she was a little bit angry from how annoying she was by calling her earlier and ruined her beautiful dream. By the end of the day the cute girl decided to call her annoying friend back but she didn’t answer.

Videos are taken from: Pinterest gifs.
Credits: @antipsychotics / unknown.

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