Night Story Part Nine

The picture is taken from: Instagram; Credit: @neslihanatagul.

The time passed in a strange way, they didn’t feel it at all. Everyone left and the two of them stayed dancing until dawn. The brown wall clock that was on the hall’s wall turned to 6:00 am. The sky became no longer so black. The cool breeze made his graceful smell wafting towards her, and her hair shampoo smell rising towards him.

They both stopped dancing, and looked at each other like they were both saying it was one of the best nights in my entire life. He grabbed her right hand and kissed it and whispered, “My lady, I’ll see you again in your dreams.” She looked at him, while he was contemplating her features, smiling in a very decent way. Then a light piano music started playing.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
Credits: @neslihanatagul / unknown.

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