Night Story Part Thirteen

The picture is taken from: Pinterest gif; Credit: @nikita ermancov.

It was 12:00 am, and she was still waiting, but he didn’t show up. She started to feel upset and gave up leaving the party. She went towards the doors but the security wasn’t there. She tried to open the doors but they were locked. She started looking around until she found a balcony that had little stairs that she could turn around and move to where the valet parking was. The weather was smelling like autumn. She went down the stairs and while she turned left, she suddenly smelled his perfume.

She didn’t look back, she stood in her place, closing her eyes, then he put his lips beside her right ear whispering from behind her, “Were you leaving without seeing me?” She opened her eyes and her heart started skipping a beat, she turned slowly looking at him, then he leaned a little bit towards her, his face was so close, and said, “I promised you that I’ll see you again in your dreams, and here I am.” She was about to say something but a danger alarm rang from the left side where they both looked.

Videos are taken from: Pinterest gifs.
Credits: @nikita ermancov / unknown.

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