Night Story Part Twenty Eight

The picture is taken from: Pinterest gif; Credit: unknown.

He was looking at her in a very cute way, she couldn’t believe it. She thought that she was having a nice dream that is going to end very soon. She sat in her place staring at him without saying a word. He didn’t say a word either. He kept looking at her, smiling. She set herself sitting in a better way asking, “Are we meeting in my dreams now?” He smiled in a very cute way, “No, it’s 10:39 pm and you are right now in your college. Your PTK hoodie and my casual blue and white shirt are the proof. No suits and dresses.” She looked at her hoodie , then thought for a while and said, “Yes, I fell asleep in the lecture, and I might be still sleeping now and I’m dreaming about you now.” “I didn’t know that you liked me that much to insist on dreaming about me, actually.” “What? No, no you are not real, you, you came to my dreams twice and this is the third time.” Then she stood up taking her books, laptop, backpack and wanted to leave the lecture’s hall. “And in the two times someone ruined our dream, are you going to ruin the real moment now by running away?” She stopped and looked at him, saying, “It’s real, how… how did you know about the two dreams?” He walked towards her, “Because I saw you twice in my dreams. The first time you were wearing a rosy dress and the second time you were wearing the red one.”

She looked at him and still couldn’t believe it, then she pulled up her phone and called her sister. “Roady” “Hi, ammm I have a weird question.” “What is it?” “Am I sleeping in my bed?” The handsome man laughed. “What? Sis are you okay, you’re at your college, and as far as I know your lecture finished about nineteen minutes ago.” The cute girl smiled looking at the handsome man and said, “You’re real.” “Me? What? Sister seriously, are you okay?” Her sister said through the phone. “I’m doing better than I ever was.” The cute girl said while looking at the handsome man, then she continued, “I love you sister.” Then the cute girl closed the phone. And kept looking at the handsome man. The both walked towards each other smiling, his perfume smell was exactly the same as how it was in the dream. And her shampoo smell was also the same. He extended his right hand, putting his left hand behind his back, asking “My lady, can you share with me my very first real dance in my entire life?” She smiled deeply, putting her hand inside his hand, saying, “It is my pleasure to share with you the very first real dance of my life.”

Videos are taken from: Pinterest gifs.
Credits: @ayber_manyaa / @netflix / unknown.

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