Night Story Part Twenty Five

The picture is taken from: Pinterest gif; Credit: unknown.

The cute girl was sitting on one of the stands in the lecture hall, then her annoying friend came in, hitting so hard with her tacky high heels. She was walking with confident steps like everyone was looking at her. Then while she was going on the stairs coming to sit beside the cute girl, she fell down. The cute girl started laughing uncontrollably. Everyone in the lecture started looking at her like she did something so bad. “Is there anything funny? Tell me so we can laugh together.” The professor asked. 

The cute girl couldn’t stop laughing. “I’m talking to you!” The professor continued. But no she really couldn’t control it. “Get out.” The professor said to the cute girl. “But professor.” She finally controlled it. “I said get out.” The professor said. The cute girl grabbed her books and went down the stands. Her annoying friend looked at her with a gloating look saying, “That’s what you get when you annoy me.” The cute girl sighed and didn’t say a word and left the lecture hall.

Videos are taken from: Pinterest gifs.
Credits: unknown.

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