Night Story Part Twenty Seven

The picture is taken from: Pinterest gif; Credit: @netflix.

When the lecture ended, she walked through the coffee machine and got a latte cup, her annoying friend wasn’t here today. That’s why her day wasn’t ruined, because everyday this annoying friend shows up, this cute girl gets in trouble. She drank her latte outside in the college’s garden under that beautiful tree, putting on her earphones playing her September playlist. She looked at her watch, it was her final lecture’s time for the day. She pulled her small black backpack, and her books with her laptop, and moved heading to the lecture hall. The hour and a half passed so quickly. The lecture hall’s door was opened and everyone started getting out.

“You didn’t tell me your name? For me, my name is…” The cute girl said, with her cute bun and her PTK hoodie. “I know your name.” The handsome man interrupted her. He was wearing a casual blue and white shirt with jeans not a suit this time. “You know my name? How?… Okay, what is it then?” The cute girl said. He approached her left ear and whispered, “Roady.” and touched her left arm and started moving it slowly. Then the cute girl opened her eyes, realizing that she was sleeping on the desk in the lecture hall. She sighed without moving her head feeling so sad that someone tried to wake her up and ruined her dream again. She raised her head, rubbing her head and eyes, looking at the one who was waking her up, and stared shocked.

Videos are taken from: Pinterest gifs.
Credits: @netflix/ unknown.

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