Night Wallpapers

Night Wallpapers

Night, the most confusing time, when some people are asleep, some are partying, some are crying, some are counting starts, others are looking from some high place asking themselves, how many streets are empty? How many people are standing waiting, or maybe walking, thinking of someone, thinking of something they can’t solve, or maybe sitting beside the sea explaining their pain to it, where no one else wanted to listen to them.

I love the night, that street with its flashy lights. I had a chance to walk outside one time, and another time looking at the city’s lights asking myself a few questions, “How many people are living beside each light, carrying their pains inside their hearts? How many people are putting their heads on their pillows and can’t sleep?”

I’ve always been asking questions like these at 3:00AM.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Credit: @Andrey Vinogradov / unknown.

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