Painful Moments “Moment Four”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: @lilacrainw.

“How are you?”

“Fine, but there is something.” “What is it?” “I don’t know, I’m kind of tired.” “You may be in need of sleep a little bit.” “No, with sleep it gets harder, sleep makes it worse.” “What do you mean?”

“I mean, this thing is stronger than the sleep, it follows me even in my dreams, makes me feel like I’m drowning. It kind of grabs my neck strongly, not giving me a chance to take my breath. It wakes me up late every night, and leaves me awake at bed for hours, not knowing what to do, switching right to left and left to right. It makes me feel like I want to cry but I can’t, it makes me feel like I want to scream but I can’t.

I try to close my eyes and ignore all of this but each time I close my eyes, it gets worse, it brings that scary nightmares to me, reminds me of that horrible moment that I went through, and makes that remorse feeling tearing me up into pieces. Can you understand me?”

“I’m sorry but I really can’t understand it.” “You will never, not you and not anyone else because only the one who went through the same feeling will understand, will feel, will know what this moment feels like, comes to kill you every night but leaves you lying wounded in your bed at three in the morning.”

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest, Instagram.
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