Painful Moments “Moment Three”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: @Quotes’nd Notes.

Have you ever gone back home crying over what happened to you? You know when you wear that beautiful dress, put on that light makeup, while your face is smiling deeply, and your heart filled with hopes, and only one sentence on your mouth saying everything will be beautiful.

You wear that cute shoes, carrying your small bag with you, leaving your house, then arriving; everyone around you looking at how beautiful you are, but you actually are looking for that person, only that one, waiting for him to come and tell you, “You look so beautiful tonight” spending the whole time with you, ignoring everyone around him but you, just you.

Few seconds later he shows up, with her kissing him on his cheek, laughing loudly, then he looks at you, you make yourself like you didn’t see him, then he approaches. Your heart starts skipping beats, then you hear him whispering, “You look beautiful tonight.” Then you start smiling like an idiot. He starts talking to you like you’re the only girl in the whole place and the butterflies start flying all inside you, you become so happy at that moment.

He offers to take you back home because a beautiful girl like you needs a beautiful car to take her, not a taxi. You feel that he’s that right gentleman who won’t leave you alone at night with strangers. And before the party ends you see him leaving you, going with her, putting his hand on her chest, going away. You stand there for a while thinking that he’s coming back without her, but no, no one comes.

You stand there like you want to cry, maybe not, you really couldn’t describe that feeling, but you leave back home, taking off your dress, hiding it, writing down your diary, putting the date underlined because it was such a big disappointment, such a bad night that your memory will never forget.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Pictures Credits: @Quotes’nd Notes / @TheMindsJournal / unknown.

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