Painful Moments “Moment Two”

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown.

You know what, sometimes you feel that you were that wrong person, you were the bad one, that’s why they left you, they decided to continue their way without you, they deleted your name from their minds, your number from their phones, your conversations from their chats, they also blocked you leaving that harmful message that you will never forget, ever.

You look back and start asking yourself why? What did I do? What was that wrong thing that I did so they did all of this? You search, think, ask, look for that satisfying answer. But you know what? You will never find it, because you didn’t do anything, you didn’t break them, because if you did so, they could’ve come, could’ve talked to you, could’ve told you that you did that thing, and you broke their heart by doing it. You both would have fixed the wrong thing that happened.

But they decided to run, leave, go, disappear from your entire life, and deleted you from their lives. They were not strong enough to face you, they didn’t find that satisfying reason for leaving you. They ran away because they’re weak, they knew that you didn’t do anything to them, you were that type of person that was too good for them, that they couldn’t bear.

Don’t cry, maybe cry so your tears get dry, okay, but don’t you ever think that you were bad, you did your best to never lose them, you told them thousand times that they were special, different and not like everyone else, but with knowing this they chose to leave, and break your heart, while you were so careful to not break them. So listen, they didn’t deserve you and they will never.

There’s nothing wrong with you, you’re good, nice, decent, and kind but to whoever actually deserves, don’t forget this.

Pictures are taken from: Pinterest.
Pictures Credits: @r.h.Sin / @Luv / @Mindset Creator / @Quotes’nd Notes / @Gippy / @stonecold.x / unknown.

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