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Painful Moments Part Five

Sessizliğin İçindeyim, çok karanlık bir yerdeyim. Uzat bana ellerini, korkuyorum, derindeyim… I’m inside the silence, I’m in a very dark place. Give me your hands, I’m afraid, I’m in deep down… Mutlu Yıllar, Cem Adrian. Happy New Year, singer: Cem Adrian. “It’s nice to imagine, but then?” “It was a nice lie, I believed it” […]

Painful Moments Part Four

“How are you?” “Fine, but there is something.” “What is it?” “I don’t know, I’m kind of tired.” “You may be in need of sleep a little bit.” “No, with sleep it gets harder, sleep makes it worse.” “What do you mean?” “I mean, this thing is stronger than the sleep, it follows me even […]

Painful Moments Part Three

Have you ever gone back home crying over what happened to you? You know when you wear that beautiful dress, put on that light makeup, while your face is smiling deeply, and your heart filled with hopes, and only one sentence on your mouth saying everything will be beautiful. You wear that cute shoes, carrying […]

Painful Moments Part Two

You know what, sometimes you feel that you were that wrong person, you were the bad one, that’s why they left you, they decided to continue their way without you, they deleted your name from their minds, your number from their phones, your conversations from their chats, they also blocked you leaving that harmful message […]

Painful Moments Part One

Everyone of us went through that moment, The moment we feel ourselves so weak, so tired, so exhausted, so lonely, so in pain, so broken, our wounds are bleeding and no one is trying to heal them, no one is with us, no one is holding us, we have that heavy thing that no one […]

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