Phantom Nights “Night Six”

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You’ve met him, known him, gotten so close to him. You went to different places with him, walked together, laughed so hard together, ate different things together, listened to the same songs together, and without any music around, you both used to dance like idiots together.

You used to walk with him under the moonlight, sitting on a rock on the top of a hill, putting your head on his shoulder, wearing his clean jacket while the weather used to be cold. You used to sit behind him, refusing to hug him while driving his fancy motorcycle, leaving your hair open so it flies while he drives.

You used to find him calling you at midnight, waiting for you to get into his car so he could put his stress away when he spends time with you. He used to take you to his favorite lonely place, eating ice cream with you, telling you about who ruined his whole day. You shared a lot of beautiful memories together, even played car crash games working hard on hitting each other’s cars like kids.

You used to be so happy whenever he came smiling saying good morning to you every day. You used to act like you needed something on some nights so he comes with you to not leave you walking alone in the empty streets. You used to smile so hard whenever you caught him standing, fixing his hair on the mirror, spraying his strong perfume, preparing himself to go out with you.

You used to wait for him when he used to be late. Your day used to be so upset when he never came. You used to miss him a lot, and maybe right now you are missing him. But you know deep inside that it was a short life phase that will end one day, will pass away, leaving only those beautiful memories that you will always remember and smile.

Every song you listen to, you remember him. Every place you go to, you see him there. These memories will always stick to you like how you stick to the things that are in your purse.

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“If someone left your life, be sure that someone is about to arrive”

“Some people will leave you, but that is not the end of the story but the end of their role in your story!”

“Then what you wanted comes to you when you don’t want it anymore :)”

“There’s a weird moment in someone’s life, they don’t know how to explain it or even understand its secret ever, but this moment makes everything new in their coming life.”

“Is there anyone missing us? Maybe looking at the photos.. Looking in the places from the memory smell. Crying.. Smiling..”

“Even with all of the interior scratches that are in you, you’re still smiling, consoling, asking, caring, doing more and more for them, carrying about everyone’s feelings, being careful all the time to not make anyone notice what is exactly going on inside you. Do you still believe that you’re a normal person?”

“No one know that small moments that your soul died in.. and no one knows when did it back or how.. and no one knows why you’re smiling while you’re alone.. so stay strong just for yourself”

“Your need to be alone means, that you have a speech no one can understand”

“Things that go without you, don’t you dare and stand in front of them, don’t even make the slightest effort on getting back the things that chose not to come to you”

“When someone loses their expectations of someone they really wanted.. no one can give them back their reassurance about anything”

“Not everyone looking at you means they mean you, maybe they can see through you things from the past that are similar to you”

“I won’t tell you that I need you and won’t be honest with you, you won’t see me in pain anymore, we won’t ever fight, I will be so quiet to the way that makes you feel that I’m not existed, I’m trying to stay beside you in anyway, but you don’t understand it in the right way.. I was fighting for you until I found myself killed”

“I wanted to stay with you for always, but you leave me and never feel me, you ignore me and never hear me, you want to stay but you don’t tell me, you love me but you never talk to me, you want me but you never come to me”

“I still write about you although you’re no longer closest to my heart, but you’re the only one who touched it”

“I love your speech but don’t speak to you. Do you know what my contradiction is? I make myself forgot about you but mean you in my writings, I miss you but never let myself admitting it, I love your speech but don’t speak to you”

“The hardest type of waiting: To wait for someone you know won’t come.. Or wait for a call from someone you’re pretty sure they won’t call.. And even though you know the result, you are always still waiting.. Looking from your home’s window hoping them to come, looking at your phone’s screen hoping them to call”

“Hope you were nothing.. Hope I never saw you.. Hope days never made me know you”

“Most of the times admitting your love to someone, is a type of a suicide types”

“Hiding the longing is suffocation”

“It’s a very bad feeling when you stop talking to someone you daily got used to talk to”

“I know you’re getting my messages and it hurts me that you don’t care”

“What if we were two hands in a watch?! I meet you and hug you, then stand counting seconds to meet you again after sixty seconds separation”

“There are some people when you meet them you feel like you’ve met yourself”

“My heart stands in everything and falls for you”

“Life narrows me, but your laughter widens me”

“He was the only person that I don’t make up excuses with, don’t pretend my happiness, don’t write my words, don’t feel bored, and don’t count minutes to run away from”

“Since you started talking to me for the first time, and I wanted to say can you stay forever”

“I was always honest, I didn’t make up any of those words that I used to tell you spontaneously, everything came out of my mouth, I felt it in my chest.”

“I don’t care to be the first page.. but to be the section that you remember the whole book for.”

“I needed a hug that puts out all this fire inside me to something that pushes the chaos off my shoulders”

“From one night to another I wait for something that will never happen to happen”

“There is a captivating army of old weariness in my body”

“Lots of waiting destroys desire”

“I live the night alone in my dark bedroom and my mind never stops thinking”

“God I’m trying so please don’t leave my hand.”

“A day will come and change all the maps of my life… A day will come”

“Perhaps the one who left you, created an opportunity for a thousand people who would like to buy your laugh”

“In fact, everything we write is a small part of what is inside us. We don’t write the entire story, so that no one knows who we are.”

“It is a bitter thing, for a person to yearn for what he will never achieve.”

“Breaking the perfume bottle makes you smell it strongly. But for the last time..”

“Then he comes back alone as if he never had never been with anyone”

“Nothing bothered me, as did my thoughts.”

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