Phantom Nights Part Three

Your day was so tough, everyone was rude to you, and you just looked through the window hoping this horrible day would end so you go back home. Then when it’s your time to leave, you open your locker to grab all of your stuff, and find a small note that says “You did not seem good today, are you okay?”

You look around wondering, who was it, how did he feel about you, and why does he care if you are okay or not. You go back home keeping this note beside your bed. Each time you think of crying, you look at that note and smile.

The next day comes, and the following day and no one around you, that mysterious person did not show up at all. And one day you leave home crying so hard then suddenly you get a message on your phone saying “Do you want to talk to someone?” you wipe your tears and start looking at the streets, but you fail to find him.

You want to say yes, but at the same time you have no idea who is him. The next day you find just a cute white rose on your desk with a small note that says “Good morning.” Before seeing it, your whole mood was tense, annoyed from the same people that you will also face this day, but suddenly an unbelievable smile started showing up on your face.

Deep inside you, you wanted to know who this decent person is, but at the same time, another side of you says no, keep it like this, I don’t want to know you, I don’t want to know how or why, I don’t want to know any reason and anything, I want you to stay like this, just like this, unknown.

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