Phantom Nights Part Two

Do you know that feeling? When you think of that person a lot, then start feeling like he’s coming, he’s around you somewhere, then you turn your face, and find him standing behind, away from you at some point, staring at you. Did you get it?

That feeling, when your heart falls down, or becomes so cold. Then the butterflies start flying all inside you. Then you turn your face, and you suddenly smile like an idiot to yourself, but afraid of anyone noticing you.

After that you start saying to yourself “He was staring! Was it me? Was he staring at me really?! I mean there are other girls here, I probably won’t be the right girl he was staring at.” Then you leave thinking the whole day of that cute event.

Laying on your bed, smiling. Maybe studying, and remembering this once, twice, thousand times. Standing beside your window at night, looking at the moon, waiting for the next day to come so you meet him again.

We all went through this, if not all, most of us. Maybe that person was the one that we had a crush on, or maybe he was that very rare person who was our best friend that we couldn’t spend our day in school without.

You don’t need to fall in love to feel this feeling, It’s almost like a phantom, passes quickly, scares you, but at the same time makes you laugh and think of it all time!

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