Phantom Nights Part Two

I remember when I lost my points on my college year project. I fought with my professor, leaving the hall and tears were filling my whole eyes, falling all around my cheeks. I stood looking at the town, how high buildings were filled with lights, while the light cold breeze was hitting my face. I was crying because I knew that this was a big hit on all my college final scores. Then I heard someone from behind, coming closer. I wiped my tears with my hands. He stood beside me and said, “Today too you’re crying! Is the reason too because of your parents who came to see you just for half an hour and left.” I suddenly looked at him, then he continued, “You know mine didn’t come to see me this time either!” I stared at him for a while, and said “The camp!” “”We’re all kids” camp.” he continued. “Fourth grade.” I said “Fifth grade.” He said. I immediately smiled and hugged him so hard “You didn’t forget.” He said. “I tried to call you after I left the camp on the number you gave me, but they told me it was the wrong number!” I said. “That was my dad! I couldn’t talk to girls at that age.” We both laughed. My eyes were so red. “You’re still looking the same but cuter!” He said. “Well you became taller I guess.” I said. He smiled. “I’ll grab you some coffee, to make you feel better.” I smiled with my eyes that were filled with tears, shaking my head (yes).

Few minutes later, I was carrying the coffee cup in my both hands, sitting on the rock looking at the town from up. He was looking at me, “I’m sorry.” He said. I looked at him asking, “For what?” “For not calling you all these years long.” “Even if you called, I wouldn’t be able to talk to you. You know, the same rules for my parents too.” I said. We stayed looking at the town for a while, then I looked at him and asked, “What did you mean when you said that your parents didn’t come to see you this time too?” “Well, they both were busy with their own work today, and I told them before a month that my graduation is today. And I stayed the whole day long hoping they would come to see me graduating, holding my diploma, but here I am alone again with no one.” Then he looked at me and he was about to cry. I didn’t know what to say, I remember when we were kids, I was sitting on the chair while all the camp kids were dancing. I was so upset that my parents came for half an hour only and left. He came to me asking why I was looking upset, and told him about my parents. Then he said well you’re lucky because they came for half an hour while my parents didn’t even come to ask about me. He wasn’t crying at all, instead he grabbed my hand so we could dance with the other kids.

“Do you wanna dance?” I asked him. “Now? With coffee?!” He said. I stood up and took his coffee cup, then played a song on my car radio, then smiled at him and told him, “come on!” He smiled. “Few seconds ago you were crying, If you remember.” He said. I came closer to him, “So what? Do you want me to go back and cry?” Then I smiled and grabbed his hand. He smiled. Then we danced without thinking about anything. That day was the most depressing and the happiest day in my entire life. I don’t know where you are now, or what you’re doing, but all I hope is that you are fine and doing all your best, in whatever major you’re majoring in.

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