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Phantom Nights Part Five

The picture is edited by me @rawadwb. You’ve met him, known him, gotten so close to him. You went to different places with him, walked together, laughed so hard together, ate different things together, listened to the same songs together, and without any music around, you both used to dance like idiots together. You used […]

Phantom Nights Part Four

The picture is edited by me @rawadwb. Resim tarafımca düzenlenmiştir @rawadwb. Oturuyordun, yüzün pek çok iyi görünmüyordu. O sana uzaktan sessizce bakıyordu, tek kelime etmeden seni anladı, sonra sordu, “Neyin var?” Diye. Yok bişey dedin. Yüzünü çevirdin konuyu kapatmak için, ama o kapatamadı. İyi değilsin dedi. Ona hiçbir şey söylemeden baktın. Belli işte dedi. Sonra […]

Phantom Nights Part Three

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown. Your day was so tough, everyone was rude to you, and you just looked through the window hoping this horrible day would end so you go back home. Then when it’s your time to leave, you open your locker to grab all of your stuff, and find […]

Phantom Nights Part Two

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown. I remember when I lost my points on my college year project. I fought with my professor, leaving the hall and tears were filling my whole eyes, falling all around my cheeks. I stood looking at the town, how high buildings were filled with lights, while the […]

Phantom Nights Part One

The picture is taken from: Pinterest; Credit: unknown. He told you that he will be waiting for you at midnight and gave you the chance to choose, either running away with him to a place no one knows, or staying in your bedroom beside your window staring at three am to the empty streets. You […]

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