Once I read, “Be who you wanted when you were younger.” This was the main sentence that actually made me design this whole website and get something to do when I had nothing to do. I have always wanted someone to kidnap me with their words from this world to a fictional world, a world that has possibilities for things to happen without troubles. I don’t know who composed this sentence, but I do have the picture that I saw this sentence in. It’s in the “Hope Potion” section if you are curious.

And from the very deep of my heart, I want to thank that person very much. Pinterest was the main app that made me read this sentence, and it’s the only app that I really enjoy working on in my free times. This website includes too many things, some are ideas about classes I took in my college. Some are about movies and T.V shows I enjoyed watching, or wanted to watch but never had a chance. Some are wallpapers and edits, and the rest are just simple stories that I compose when I feel bored or have nothing to do.

All of the stories that are on my website belong to me. Some are real, and some are fictional, it depends on my mood when I write them. I can’t say that I’m a professional writer, but I found out when I was in the age of seventeen that I finally have a talent of running away somehow from this world for a couple hours, and drawing out stories that can make me feel better. I really want to spend more time on this website but due to my college my time is limited in my writings.

On my website, I have three sections, the “College” section, the “Pinterest” section, and the “Coming Soon” section.

In the College section, for now I have only one category: Film Appreciation I’m working on sharing more.

While in the Pinterest section, for now I have eleven categories for now:Memories” “Night Story” “Cameras Flash” “Movies Flash” “phantom Nights” “Painful Moments” “Gilded Crowns” “Hope Potion” “Flying Bird” “Scenes and Hallucinations“.

And in the Coming Soon section, I have the future posts that I’m planning on sharing in different categories.

Memories” category contains, “Imagination” “Girly” “Cats” and “Cutie”; they all are separate thoughts.

Night Story” category has 28 parts; they all belong to the same story.

Cameras Flash” category has 5 parts; they all belong to a new story.

Movies Flash” category for now, has only 1 flash, “Çukur”; which talks about a Turkish series called the pit.

Phantom Nights” category contains 6 nights; each night describes a different night’s thought.

Painful Moments” category contains 5 moments; each moment describes a different painful thought.

Gilded Crowns” category contains 4 crowns; each crown carries a new decision.

Hope Potion” category contains 4 potions; each potion affects differently.

Flying Bird” category for now has only 1 destination; each destination shows only a small part of a great masterpiece.

Scenes” category for now has only 1 Scene; which will make you hold your breath while reading it. This category specifically, contains small different scenes from different stories I compose whenever I feel like I want to.

And finally “Hallucinations” category has 9 Hallucinations; they all are describing a story for a girl who lives in illusions.

As I like traveling during holidays, I photograph and record a lot of videos of the places I go to. I’m planning on uploading all of them on my youtube channel, and on my Instagram page. But for now, most of the pictures, edits, and gifs that I have in my website don’t belong to me, and I worked on giving credits to most of the photographers, editors. But unfortunately not all, because I wasn’t lucky to identify all of them.

So forgive me if I didn’t mention you, whoever you are, and please send me on the get in touch link, your name and your own edit or photograph and I will mention you.

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If you’re curious, you may take a look at my future posts in the Coming Soon section.