Red Wallpapers

Red Wallpapers

And finally coming to the last color in the wallpapers section, red.

Two interconnected things carry this color, blood and heart!

We only see our blood when we hurt ourselves; that deep, dark, red color. And at the same time, we use the red color to refer to the word “Love” that belongs to our feelings that we feel in our red heart!

Without our heart, blood can’t go through our body; and without our blood we can’t feel the pain when we hurt ourselves. So this takes us to one meaning, that we can’t feel without our heart!

So both, love and pain are together; there can’t be only one. If one is missed then we won’t be here, we won’t be alive, we won’t be feeling and understanding, hoping and smiling.

At the end, be thankful for everything, for all what you have, for the people you love that are surrounding you. For all the things that you really hoped to happen, and happened; even if they didn’t happen the same way you imagined, but at the end they happened.

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